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Introducing... Volume 4
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$14.99 50 Pages 8x10

With art by: Roc Upchurch, Ryan Shui, Adam Withers and Comfort Love, Martín Baliño and Josh Burcham
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8x10 50 Pages: Perfect Bound
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"Introducing..." Volume 2 is HERE!

With art by:
Jeff Wamester : Francisco Perez : Justin Copeland : Jenny Frison : Dan Tiberius Salgo

45 Full Color Pages
Perfect Bound
Full Color Glossy Cover

Bob Strang's "Roy G Biv"
24 Pages of Original Villainous Designs

26 Pages Only $10
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This book contains original artwork from these talented artists.

Only $9.99

With art by:

Coran Stone aka Kizer
Jeffrey Cruz aka Chamba
Christopher Copeland aka Kweli
Bob Strang aka Vontoten
Alina Urusov aka Ayanimeya

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Artists from our book "Introducing..." Volume 1

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